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Italian Police Arrested 18 For Allegedly Brainwashing and Selling Children

Monday, September 5th, 2022

It’s old news (27 June 2019), but still shocking nevertheless.

Italian police had arrested 18 people for allegedly brainwashing children into thinking their parents had sexually abused them so they could be sold to foster parents for cash. The accused included psychotherapists working for a social work association.

To brainwash the children, those arrested allegedly forged child-like drawings with sexual connotations and used electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT) to implant fake abuse memories.

ECT is the barbaric psychiatric practice of sending an electric current searing through the brain to create a severe convulsion or seizure of long duration, called a grand mal convulsion, which is identical to an epileptic fit.

The purpose of psychiatric shock treatment is to create brain damage, in the mistaken theory that this is beneficial to human beings. As one can see in this case, it can be used to make someone believe things that are not true.

While ECT obviously has no therapeutic value, its punishment value causes a person to be hypnotically cooperative. The person is given an electric shock and told while the shock is occurring that they must obey and do certain things. It is actually the violence of the shock which subdues and degrades a person into changing their personality and performing outrageous actions, which brutal method has been used for a long time by various governments to create politically obedient slaves.

For example, for a communistic state to exist, slaves to the state need to exist. The marriage of psychiatry with communist regimes has spanned countries across the globe as an effective means to deal with political dissension by making people into slaves. They have been using psychiatry ever since as a significant part of the plot.

Let’s call out ECT for what it really is: a brutal, brain-destroying criminal act. Contact your local, state and federal officials and tell them to ban ECT.

False Memory Syndrome

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Both the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the St. Louis Riverfront Times this week carried stories about possible shenanigans at Castlewood Treatment Center, a private St. Louis facility specializing in the treatment of “eating issues involving post-traumatic stress often caused by sexual abuse.”

The Post-Dispatch says, “A third woman has sued Castlewood Treatment Center in west St. Louis County, saying she was brainwashed by staff members. During a three-month stay at Castlewood to treat an eating disorder in 2010, Brooke Taylor of St. Louis was falsely led to believe she had been sexually abused and had multiple personalities.”

With a third lawsuit filed against Castlewood for nearly the same reasons, we could quote the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” but we won’t; we’ll wait for the attorneys to wage words over that one.

The Riverfront Times says, “Taylor is the third former patient to accuse the center of planting false memories, and manipulating her into a long and expensive course of treatment. … Taylor’s suit … (says) that her memories were implanted through hypnosis and psychotropic drugs.”

Ah, we’ll bet you were wondering when we would get to the part about psychiatric drugs.

If you review the CCHR booklet about the side effects of psychiatric drugs, you will notice that some of the common side effects – of either taking or withdrawing from these drugs – are hallucinations, abnormal thoughts, nightmares, confusion, delirium, and delusions.

If you review the CCHR booklet about psychiatry and terrorism, you will notice that part of the process of brainwashing someone involves the use of mind-altering psychiatric drugs. In fact, the primary method of implanting false memories in someone involves the simultaneous use of pain, psychiatric drugs, and hypnosis.

OK, what are we saying here? Well, we’re not evaluating for any of the three victims who have filed lawsuits; nor are we accusing Castlewood of criminal behavior. But we are noticing that they were in a hospital for treatment, implying some amount of pain; and that the deadly combination of pain, psychiatric drugs and hypnosis, whether intentional or accidental, produces a known state of extreme suggestibility, and may even be accompanied by hallucinatory visions. We’re just saying…

There is even an expression for the condition. The psychiatric practice of implanting false memories, often called “false memory syndrome” or “repressed memory syndrome”, is not unusual. This is one of the fraudulent schemes perpetrated by some psychiatric and psychological practitioners to create new mental illnesses for which they can be reimbursed. Since the mid-1980’s, hundreds of criminal and civil cases have been filed based on false recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse.

After a survey of more than 1,000 therapists, a San Diego psychologist concluded that psychologists and psychiatrists are “creating the very problem that they would then have to treat.” The result, he warns, is that they are “propagating a cottage industry of discovering child abuse in their patients.”

Fraud can only exist in the presence of tolerance. Wherever psychiatric fraud is taking place, it is occurring under the knowing eyes of psychiatrists who are either participating or allowing it to happen. Or who are just giving their patients psychotropic drugs that are known to cause hallucinations.

Find out. Fight back.