Obedience Pills: ADHD and the Medicalization of Childhood

[Book Review by Jim Gottstein of PsychRights]

“I just finished Obedience Pills by Patrick Hahn, the latest book to be published by Samizdat Health Writer’s Co-operative.  It is a very comprehensive, very readable, account of the invention of ADHD and the total lack of any scientific support for the drugs given to suppress childish behavior by children.  And, how the diagnosis and drugs absolve parents and the other adults in their children’s lives from responsibility for raising them, as well as teaching the diagnosed they are not responsible for their behavior.  There is much more and Obedience Pills has a lot of commonsense as well as being meticulously supported.

“There are a lot of books critical of the ADHD diagnosis and ADHD drugs and I can’t say I have read that many of them, but I would put Obedience Pills on the top of the list.   I recommended Hahn’s Prescription for Sorrow about so-called antidepressants a year and a half ago and after reading Obedience Pills I plan to take out a loan to purchase his Madness and Genetic Determinism.  I am hoping it will make the genetics understandable.”

[Patrick D. Hahn is a free-lance writer and independent scholar with a long-standing interest in iatrogenic harm and the medicalization of everyday life.]

Read more about ADHD here: https://www.cchrstl.org/adhd.shtml

ADHD newborn
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