Prejudice and the Brain

With nearly all main stream media regularly echoing various racial explanations, altercations, rationalizations, debates, discussions, and so on, the psychiatric community is going nuts over racial prejudice.

The latest psychiatric “research” demanding more funds is how prejudice supposedly is biologically based in the brain.

One research study says that, “By identifying these processes in the brain, we can learn more about the individual building blocks that make up prejudice and discover new candidates for interventions to reduce bias.”

They think that neuroscience research can help understand how to control prejudice, by using drugs which alter brain chemistry.

Like Pinky and the Brain, genetically enhanced laboratory mice engaged in continuous fruitless plans to take over the world, we trust that psychiatry’s plots will ultimately end in failure.

Not that neuroscience itself is misguided. There are certainly legitimate scientific questions whose answers may enhance one’s quality of life. It’s just that neuroscience has apparently been usurped by psychiatry, along with all its abuses and frauds.

Psychiatry-backed neuroscience has given us a slew of harmful and addictive mind-altering psychotropic drugs, earning themselves more than 40 warnings in eight countries for their injurious side effects, including aggression, depression and increased suicidal tendencies.

Decades of neuroscience have given us the total failure of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness (DSM) to reliably diagnose any mental illness with actual and verified clinical results.

This is the legacy of psychiatry and neuroscience today, when it comes to entertaining biological explanations for behavior. Mind is equated with brain, behavior with disease, good with bad, morality with medicine, and ethics with mechanics. In other words, there is no soul. That which we consider uniquely human is destroyed by psychiatry and neuroscience.

What is Prejudice?

The dictionary has several relevant meanings.
— a preconceived judgment or opinion
— an adverse opinion formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge
— an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

[From Latin praejudicium “previous judgment”, from prae– “before” + judicium “judgment”]

The DSM enshrines discrimination as a mental disorder: “Target of (perceived) adverse discrimination or persecution”. But notice that it’s the victim, not the perpetrator, who is labeled with a diagnosis. One can see here how psychiatry corrupts morality, perpetuating racism by blaming the victim rather than the culprit.

The first step in fighting prejudice, intolerance and discrimination is raising awareness. Report discrimination of any kind by clicking here.

Pinky and the Brain
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