Thanksgiving 2019

As we free men and women celebrate this Thanksgiving Day in peace with our loved ones I wish to remind all that some Americans are not at peace, some Americans are not free, and some Americans are not at home with their loved ones.

Some American men and women have been incarcerated by an uncaring psychiatric system. Some men and women in our modern age are held as slaves and are tortured and forced to endure barbaric treatments that psychiatry imposes.

Some Americans are locked away, restrained and suffering in our country’s mental health prisons. Some of the treatments they endure are Electric Shock Therapy; Prefrontal Lobotomy; Trans Orbital Leukotomy; Vagus Nerve Stimulation; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation; Deep Brain Stimulation; harmful and addictive psychiatric drugs; and many others all of which have the scientific validity of zero. All cause permanent brain or nerve damage.

You know as well as I that none of psychiatry’s treatments work.
I remind you that these are our relations that we have allowed the psychiatrist to imprison and torture. These are our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, male and female we have neglected.

The Roman Empire long ago proved that no country can long endure when one class of its citizens are held as slaves to another class. No country however large or small has ever endured that brutal test. Either all are free or none are free.

It is time we brought psychiatry back under the control of our law. We now more than ever need to ensure the freedoms we all hold dear are given to those less than fortunate souls. It is time we took a bit more responsibility for the freedoms of others because there go you or I but for the grace of God. So as we sit down and give thanks to the Gods we worship take a moment and make that decision to do something about the plight of those at the bottom rung of our social ladder. Because you see by ensuring their freedom, you ensure the freedom of all men and women, and that my friend is what America is all about.

It is about freedom for all.

Help us free these vulnerable people from the tyranny of coercive psychiatry.
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