Psychiatry and the Creation of Senseless Violence

Ben Swann, a news anchor at WGCL-TV ( in Atlanta, broadcast this great piece on his Reality Check show August 27, 2015:
In light of the Virginia TV shootings, Ben Swann takes a look at the link between 26 mass shooters and anti-depressant/mood altering drugs.

It is not as if psychiatrists don’t know. The scientific research documenting the connection between violence, suicide and psychiatric drugs is overwhelming. Withdrawal effects from these drugs can also be severe, and it takes intense medical supervision to ensure the person safely detoxes.
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has a data base of hundreds of cases of violence that span the last 15 years.
On the surface, the idea of tranquilizers or antidepressants creating hostility and violence may not make sense. After all, they are supposed to make people calm and quiet. But the reality is that they can and do create such adverse effects.
CCHR urges that government officials and law enforcement bodies, armed with this information:
1) Hold legislative hearings to fully investigate the correlation between psychiatric drugs, violence, and suicide;
2) Call for mandatory toxicology reports that specify a testing for psychiatric drugs in anyone who has committed a homicide or serious violent crime;
3) Ensure that where psychiatric mind-altering drugs are implicated in such a crime, the psychiatrist prescribing the drugs be held accountable.
CCHR International has taken its commitment to inform and protect the public on mental health issues to a new level with the launch of its psychiatric drug side effects database.
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