Missouri’s Fiscal Year 2013 Operating Budget

Missouri’s Fiscal Year 2013 Operating Budget

By the numbers:


General Revenue $8,013,837,330

Federal Funds $7,905,327,402

Other Funds $8,112,490,994

Total available income after refunds $24,031,655,726

Where it goes

Missouri Department of Mental Health gets 5.8 cents
out of each budget dollar, amounting to about $1.4 billion total.

How many Mental Health cures does that buy? ZERO!

How much Mental Health fraud does that buy? $1.4 billion worth!

The United States loses approximately $100 billion to health care fraud each year, and up to $40 billion of this is due to fraudulent practices in the mental health industry.

The number of cases of senseless violence being reported in the media seems to be increasing. Most of these correlate with the perpetrator being under psychiatric “treatment.” As we’ve been saying, all psychiatric treatments are dangerous, not just psychotropic drugs.

Leading psychiatric agencies such as the World Psychiatric Association and the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health admit that psychiatrists do not know the causes or cures for any mental disorder or what their “treatments” specifically do to the patient. They have only theories and conflicting opinions about their diagnoses and methods, and are lacking any scientific basis for these. As a past president of the World Psychiatric Association stated, “The time when psychiatrists considered that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. In the future, the mentally ill have to learn to live with their illness.”

So, if prescription drugs are more deadly than terrorists, then we might see that drug prescribers are more deadly than terrorists, leading to the inescapable conclusion that psychiatric drug prescribers are more deadly than terrorists.

It’s not such convoluted logic when you consider all we know about
psychiatry, psychiatric fraud and abuse, and psychiatric treatments and drugs.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Where have you been? You’re not really reading these newsletters? We’re devastated! Time to FIND OUT and FIGHT BACK!

Find out how much your state is wasting on psychiatric fraud, then write your state legislators about fraud in the mental health industry. Download and read this CCHR booklet about psychiatric fraud for more information.

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