More About Shock Therapy

The barbaric and shameful psychiatric use of shock treatments unfortunately has a lengthy history. By shock we mean such atrocities as electrotherapy (various methods of shocking body parts with electricity), temperature therapy (shocking with hot or cold temperatures), insulin shock therapy, cardiazol (metrazol) shock therapy (a drug that induces seizures), deep brain stimulation, lobotomy (hacking off connections in the brain), deep sleep (narcosis), and of course the “modern” way of inducing seizures with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

The point is that these psychiatric treatments emphasize the aspect of shock.

Fraudulent Psychiatric Diagnosis

There is no evidence of any kind that there is anything called a mental illness as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The whole of psychiatry is based on a wrong conclusion. Psychiatry looks only at a person’s stimulus-response behavior, and assumes that is all there is to a human being.

Why Shock Therapy?

Psychiatry resorted to such savage and bestial treatments as these various shock therapies because they were up against people who apparently would not be helped, and they had (and still have) no clue about how to actually help them — about how to gradiently replace stimulus-response behavior with self-determined behavior.

Someone with troubles is already at a lower level of awareness. Pain is then what they are most aware and certain of. The psychiatrist is there to deliver more pain in the mistaken idea that this will cause the insane to be less insane. However, the certainty and awareness of pain which is delivered by the impact of shock is a non-self-determined certainty. Certainty delivered by force, pain, blows and shock eventually brings about only unconsciousness and the certainty of unawareness.

Psychiatry is not particularly interested in increasing awareness; they would rather blunt someone’s awareness by shock in a misguided attempt to make a person less aware of their surroundings, their pain and troubles.

Shock does not and never can cause an improvement in mental health, since it produces only the reduction of awareness.

The real problem is that psychiatrists fraudulently diagnose life’s problems as an “illness” and stigmatize unwanted stimulus-response behavior as “disease,” using the psychiatric billing bible the DSM as their justification. The bottom line is that all psychiatric “treatments” are harmful.

Psychiatrists will tell you that brain damage itself is what causes an apparent improvement in depression symptoms. In fact, in 1942 American psychiatrist Abraham Myerson said: “The reduction of intelligence is an important factor in the curative process. The fact is that some of the very best cures that one gets are in those individuals whom one reduces almost to amentia [feeble-mindedness]”.

Need we really spell out for you that this is contrary to any healing or beneficial effect at all?

What You Can Do

Contact your local, state and federal officials and representatives and urge them to Ban ECT and other forms of psychiatric shock abuse.

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