Using Psychiatry to Punish A Federal Judge

Sixth Circuit Judicial Council Vacates Order Using Psychiatry to Punish A Federal Judge Who Pushed for Timely Justice in Social Security Benefits Cases

Judicial Watch announced March 25, 2022 that, as part of the settlement of a historic federal lawsuit, the Sixth Circuit Judicial Council is vacating an unprecedented and entirely unwarranted order by a disciplinary panel that found U.S. District Court Judge John R. Adams committed misconduct by objecting to undergoing a psychiatric examination after ordering him to submit to the examination.

Despite the complete absence of any medical evidence suggesting he suffered from a mental disability, Judge Adams was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination for attempting to impose discipline on his court’s magistrates for their timeliness of decisions in Social Security cases.

No case had ever decided whether a sitting federal judge can be compelled to undergo a psychiatric examination, but the Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability of the Judicial Conference of the United States held it was misconduct for Judge Adams to object to this unprecedented demand.

After over four years of federal litigation the Judicial Council finally agreed to vacate the unprecedented psychiatric orders targeting Judge Adams.

Psychiatry and the Justice System

Psychiatry’s involvement in the justice system is a colossal failure that has come at great cost to society.

In the 1940’s, psychiatry’s leaders proclaimed their intention to infiltrate the field of the law and bring about the “re–interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong.” And they did, with the consequence that today, because of their influence, the justice system is compromised by fraudulent psychiatric efforts.

“The introduction of psychiatric considerations into the administration of the criminal law…corrupt the law and victimize the subject on whose behalf they are ostensibly employed.” [Thomas Szasz, late professor of psychiatry emeritus]

Psychiatry As Punishment

Psychiatry’s history is strewn with false “discoveries” that were passed off at the time as the latest breakthroughs in mental treatment, but which were discovered in retrospect to be little more than brutal, debilitating punishments.

Indeed, psychiatry has been used repeatedly throughout history as a mechanism of social control and punishment, rather than rehabilitation.

In 1955, a Soviet manual entitled “Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics” was translated and distributed as a public warning by a New York professor. The manual was based on the methods of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian psychiatrist who developed “conditioned response” theories through experiments on dogs in the early 1900s.

Pavlov’s work laid the groundwork for a fundamental psychiatric misconception that remains to this day: that, like dogs, men are basically programmable animals, influenced only by fear and reward. Pavlov’s experiments established the foundation for much of the inhuman brainwashing techniques used by the Soviet Union and China in the mid-twentieth century.

Psychiatry represents a destructive instrument of social control. Methods of psychiatric and psychological mind and behavior control, such as coercive psychiatric examinations, continue to wreak misery on an international scale.

The reality is that these psychiatric interventions are designed to control people towards specific ideological objectives at the expense of the person’s sanity and well-being.

“If we recognize that ‘mental illness’ is a metaphor for disapproved thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we are compelled to recognize as well that the primary function of Psychiatry is to control thought, mood, and behavior;” and “Disguising social control as medical treatment is a deceit which conceals an abuse.” [Thomas Szasz, late professor of psychiatry emeritus]

Psychiatry’s pernicious influence is especially evident as we see here in the justice system. Citizens groups and responsible government officials should work together to first expose and then abolish psychiatry’s hidden manipulation of society.

The Bottom Line

Because of the complete lack of scientific validity, legal and medical experts recommend eliminating psychiatric and psychological testimony and intervention in the courts.

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