Zejdź z moich włosów [“Get Out Of My Hair”]

(Said by Charlie on Season 2 Episode 13 of Two and a Half Men, 17 January 2005.)

What one might say in English as “Get Out Of My Face”!

The New Face of Psychiatry

[Reference: “The New Face of Psychiatry” by Beverly K. Eakman, October 13, 2009]

The psychopharmaceutical industry has hit the jackpot with “perception management”. Behavioral scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, and public relations, marketing & advertising gurus all depend upon perception management.

It used to be called “conditioning,” then “group dynamics,” then “behavior modification” and “molding public opinion”. The name changed as various government and private institutions took it up for their own purposes. Bottom line, it’s coercing people to react in a predicted stimulus-response manner.

The Russian communists called it “psychopolitics.

Today, it is coercive psychiatry, plain and simple. People labeled “mentally ill” may be deprived of their freedom and coerced to take drugs or endure electric shock without further consideration.

No person should ever be forced to undergo electric shock treatment, psychosurgery, the enforced administration of mind-altering drugs, or other coercive psychiatric treatment. Governments should outlaw such abuses.

Insist that community treatment and involuntary commitment laws that rely upon mandatory and thereby coercive measures be abolished, and dismantle or prevent “mental health courts” which are another conduit for coercive psychiatric treatment.

Download and read the full CCHR reportCommunity Ruin — Psychiatry’s Coercive ‘Care’ — Report and recommendations on the failure of community mental health and other coercive psychiatric programs.

Get psychiatry out of your face!


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