The Solution to Entrapment

Coercive psychiatry is not intended to cure anything. On the contrary, psychiatry is the science of control and entrapment.

Wherever men have advocated and advanced totalitarianism, they have used psychiatric principles to control society, to put limits on individual freedom, to suppress and punish dissent, and to trap people into worsening conditions.

Communism, fascism, Nazi national socialism, psychiatry, psychology — alike are all violently opposed to a free society.

They advocate that man is a soulless stimulus-response animal who can be manipulated to keep society barely running, and to keep themselves in power.

You bet this is a conspiracy.

If these groups had any handle at all on how to improve the conditions of life, there would be improvements. But when you put criminals in charge of crime, the crime rate rises. When you put criminals in charge of education, literacy drops. When you put criminals in charge of health care, harmful and addictive drugs become the norm.

Society is held together by the heroic efforts of a few, hampered in all directions by institutions dedicated to slowing and stopping freedom and progress — expert witnesses corrupting the judicial system; educational psychologists ruining literacy; atheists attacking religions; racists aborting babies; police deluded into involuntarily committing the most vulnerable citizens; dumping hallucinogenic drugs on children. You’ve seen it; but if you speak out against it you’re called a crazy conspiracy theorist.

The basic idea of weakening or corrupting a population has been used for thousands of years. The development of the atomic bomb made direct confrontation by war too dangerous, so the techniques of cultural destruction were welcomed by those wanting to be in control. The standard cultural institutions that used to uphold civilization (such as education, religion, the arts, health care, civil rights, police and justice, the military, and politics) have been infiltrated and discredited by psychiatrists, psychologists and their front organizations and special interest groups, to the end of perverting freedom and keeping people trapped in a downward spiral of worsening conditions.

There are two ways of trapping someone — one is with physical universe barriers; the other is with fixed ideas. Fixation occurs only in the presence of one-way communication. If one is not allowed to communicate, one becomes trapped. The incessant pounding of psychobabble from all of these psychiatrically-compromised social institutions wears one down. The antidote is to talk back. If you see an injustice, make a complaint. If we ask you to write your legislators, please do so. Talk to your government and political representatives, your church groups, your parent-teacher organizations, your networking groups, your hairdresser, your business associates, your peers, your family and friends. Show them the CCHR documentary DVDs (let us know and we’ll send you one.) Forward this newsletter and suggest they subscribe. Find Out! Fight Back!

Let us know what you have done.

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