The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth

This week we reviewed the inaugural edition of The Hard Truth Magazine, a new online publication that deals with financial, political, corporate, healthcare, and governmental corruption — one that not only exposes the abuse of power in these sectors, but that also offers solutions.

Here is an interesting quote from this issue number 1: “There exists a consensus in American society that people can’t survive without sucking at the nipples of big government in order to gain the “security” inherent in prostituted food sources, specious pharmaceutical offerings, mind control in public schools, and the monitoring of every private domestic communication by agencies of the same federal colossus that the anti-federalists tried so hard to prevent — and failed.”

One is sure that this and future editions will be well worth the cost of subscription. Find out more about The Hard Truth here:

Speaking of hard truths, the truth about psychiatry is one of which you should be aware. The factual cause of the social decline that marks our age is to be found in the two-hundred-year history of psychiatry. Since its earliest days, when psychiatrists chained, flogged, starved or tortured their patients into total submission, little has changed. Then, as now, the goal was the subjugation of the individual, not to cure madness. The brutal treatments psychiatry evolved and still uses to this day—electroshock therapy, psychosurgery and debilitating drugs—stand as testament to that fact.

Once psychiatry moved beyond its asylum walls and into society came the truly disastrous results. In today’s psychiatry, motivated by its mission to “follow the money” — to quote a contemporary president of the American Psychiatric Association — we are witnessing a profit-driven, corrupt industry that leaves death and destruction in its wake.

Despite trillions of dollars invested in it, psychiatry does not cure or alleviate. On the contrary, psychiatrists ruin lives and undermine our social institutions at huge cost. Something can and must be done about this dangerous profession.

Strong words, perhaps, but based on cold, hard facts. Facts everyone should know.

And the first step to effective action in eliminating this scourge is knowing the truth of how psychiatry goes about its work. Click here to begin your journey to the hard truth about psychiatry.


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