Suicides Are Increasing

Suicides Are Increasing

An article in the May 3rd Wall Street Journal (“Middle-Aged Suicides Surge“) relates that “The number of deaths caused by suicide has risen precipitously in the past decade, surpassing those caused by car crashes and even some of the most fatal diseases. … For adults aged 35 to 64, the group most responsible for the increase, suicide is now the fourth most common cause of death, behind cancer, heart disease and unintentional injury.”

The human interest part of this story describes the 2004 suicide of a mid-30’s man named Carson J. Spencer, who had struggled with “bipolar disorder” since his teens. The article did not specifically say he was taking psychotropic drugs, but we all know that psychiatric drugs known to cause suicide (either while taking or withdrawing from them) are the typical “treatment” for these symptoms.

Meanwhile, numerous suicide prevention organizations have been springing up all over the country, all resolutely ignoring one of the likeliest causes.

For more information download and read the CCHR booklet Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence and Suicide.

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