They’re Taking Me Away

They’re Taking Me Away

Nuisance Abatement Vehicle

Guess where this could take you for a 96-hour
drugged-silly vacation?

Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 632 Section 305:
An application for detention of any person for 96 hours for evaluation and treatment may be executed by any adult person who alleges under oath that the applicant has reason to believe that the respondent is suffering from a mental disorder and presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or to others.

In other words, all you have to do in Missouri to get someone a one-way ride in this police limo is to claim the person is trying to kill you. Oops, you didn’t hear me say that; we don’t want to encourage the frivolous use of this lawful involuntary commitment mechanism. Oops, they call it “civil” commitment, or “detention,” because “involuntary” sounds so intimidating.

We suggest you download and execute the psychiatric Living Will, and carry a copy with you all the time. A Living Will lets you specify decisions about your health care treatment in advance. Should you be in a position where you are to be subject to unwanted psychiatric hospitalization and/or mental or medical treatment, this Letter of Protection from Psychiatric Incarceration and/or Treatment directs that such incarceration, hospitalization, treatment or procedures not be imposed, committed or used on you. Download the document and follow the instructions now.

For more information about involuntary commitment, download and read the CCHR booklet “Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment – A Crack in the Door of Constitutional Freedoms.”

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