Who is the Predator Here?

Who is the Predator Here? We approach this topic with some trepidation, as there can be considerable fixed opinions regarding the topic of sex. We feel, however, that the news is relevant — and we’d like your permission to continue reading. We aren’t concerned so much with offending anyone; we’re sure we do that anyway […]

Involuntary Commitment Records in Missouri are No Longer Confidential

Involuntary Commitment¬† Records in Missouri are No Longer Confidential Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law Senate Bill 426¬†on July 13 which expands the conditions under which confidential mental health care records can be released. Mental health care facilities that hold patients who have been civilly committed, either voluntarily or involuntarily, can now disclose information […]

Crisis Intervention Teams and your mental health

Crisis Intervention Teams and your mental health You may or may not be aware of a police function called a “Crisis Intervention Team” (CIT). There is a heavy ongoing push country-wide to train police officers to “handle” difficult situations involving “suspected mental illness.” For example, someone calls 911 to report a domestic squabble. The police […]

Medical Battery

Medical Battery Medical battery is defined as the intentional violation of a patient’s rights to direct his or her medical treatment. No injury or negligence is generally necessary for a finding of medical battery. Battery can involve an unauthorized touching of another person. Medical battery occurs when a patient is treated without informed consent. Most […]

Your Federal Government at Work

Your Federal Government at Work Last June the President hosted the National Conference on Mental Health to talk about how to raise awareness of mental health issues and make it easier for everyone to get the mental health care “they need.” The President’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget proposal includes large amounts of taxpayer money helping […]

Amanda Bynes case and its relevance to Missouri

Amanda Bynes case and its relevance to Missouri Former child star Amanda Bynes was committed to a psychiatric facility and reportedly is being treated for mental symptoms labeled as schizophrenia. According to California law, doctors can extend her commitment if she is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.” This case is relevant […]

They’re Taking Me Away

They’re Taking Me Away Guess where this could take you for a 96-hour drugged-silly vacation? Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 632 Section 305: An application for detention of any person for 96 hours for evaluation and treatment may be executed by any adult person who alleges under oath that the applicant has reason to believe that […]

Protect Yourself Against Misdiagnosis and Abuse

Anyone diagnosed with a psychiatric (mental) disorder and/or their parent or guardian has the right to informed consent before any treatment is undertaken. Unlike diagnoses for medical conditions, psychiatrists do not have blood tests or any other biological tests to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness. It is important to know that […]

Blowing the Whistle

Qui Tam: An abbreviated version of the Latin phrase Qui Tam pro domino rege quam pro si ipso in hac parte sequitur, which means “Who sues on behalf of the King, as well as for Himself.” Whistleblower (also whistle-blower): One who reveals wrongdoing to the public or to those in positions of authority; probably an […]