Electroshock — It’s Not Treatment, It’s Torture

Electroshock —It’s Not Treatment, It’s Torture

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Ask the average person about the use of electroshock treatment in today’s society and 9 out of 10 will respond, “They still shock people?”

They do. It’s estimated that more than 100,000 Americans are electroshocked each year; half are 60 and older, and two-thirds are women.

Electroshock, renamed electroconvulsive therapy or ECT, is not only still being given to hundreds of thousands per year, but frequently without their consent. Documented effects of electroshock include short and long term memory loss, brain seizures, life-threatening cardiovascular events and death. Psychiatrists admit they don’t know how ECT “works” but that doesn’t stop them from administering it to hundreds of thousands of people per year, including the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Recently, press have reported that ECT is making a “comeback” but what most don’t realize, is that electroshock never went away.

Watch and share this 3-minute video and read this article on electroshock.

To find out some of the laws CCHR has helped enact to prohibit/ban this deadly practice see our accomplishments page.

For even more information download and read the CCHR booklet ECT – The Brutal Reality from http://www.cchrstl.org.

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