TeenScreen Dies

TeenScreen is dead, according to their website TeenScreen.org

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Their announcement: “We are sorry to inform you that the TeenScreen National Center will be winding down its program at the end of this year. Accordingly, we will no longer train or register new programs.”

TeenScreen was a very controversial national so-called “diagnostic psychiatric service”, aka “suicide survey,” done on children who were then referred for psychiatric treatment. The evidence suggests that the objective of the psychiatrists who designed TeenScreen was to place children so selected on psychotropic drugs.

You may recall that in October, 2004 the TeenScreen survey was conducted on all ninth grade students at Pattonville High School in St. Louis County. They used a passive consent form, meaning that parents had to sign and return a form saying they did not want their children to be screened, or their children would get the “emotional health” screening automatically.

Although the instructions said that taking the screening was voluntary, a child was marked “Positive: Requires clinical interview” if they refused to answer any question or felt uncomfortable taking the survey. A large part of the 14-question survey asked questions such as, “During the past 3 months, have you thought of killing yourself?”

TeenScreen was developed in 1991 at Columbia University. At the time the survey was conducted at Pattonville in 2004, over 40,000 children in 41 states had been screened.

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Boycott the DSM

DSM = Diagnosis as a Source of Money

[Otherwise known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM is the engine used by the psychiatric industry to drive a $330 billion psychiatric industry, and is an elaborate pseudoscientific sham.]

  • Quoting from the “Boycott the DSM” petition on Change.org; sign this petition to pledge not to purchase any edition of the DSM:
“It is increasingly clear that the editors of the major psychiatric manual, which reaps huge profits for the American Psychiatric Association that publishes it, are ignoring the massive evidence of harm done by the labels of previous editions of the manual and of likely harm from what they plan to put in the edition they are now preparing.”
  • Quoting from the “Everyone who cares about the harm done by psychiatric diagnosis” petition on Change.org; sign this petition to endorse the call for Congressional hearings about psychiatric diagnosis:
“Few laypeople or even therapists realize that psychiatric diagnosis is not a scientific endeavor, although some of the most powerful people and organizations in the mental health field assert that it is. As a result, millions of people who seek help because they are suffering have no idea that they are not being diagnosed in scientific ways and thus that their treatment largely lacks a scientific basis; nor do they know that in important ways their treatment may be experimental because they are given labels that may not stand for anything that has been proven to exist.”
  • You might be interested in this recent Psychology Today article, “Science Isn’t Golden — Will the APA Listen to the Voices of Those Harmed? Complaints about psychiatric diagnosis and the APA’s response so far”, Published on October 1, 2012 by Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.
  • Watch the CCHR documentary DVD, “DSM – Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam” described below. The fifth edition of the DSM is scheduled for release in May 2013, including symptoms of “mental disorders” such as excessive time and energy devoted to health concerns, decreased need for sleep, more talkative than usual, increase in goal-directed activity, restlessness or feeling keyed up or on edge, avoidance of activities with possible negative outcomes, procrastination due to worries, and distressing memories, thoughts, or feelings. Send your comments and concerns about psychiatry’s deadliest scam to apa@psych.org.
  • Finally, this quote from Allen Frances, professor emeritus at Duke University and chairman of the DSM-IV task force: “It is fair to say that DSM 5 has become an object of general public and professional scorn.”

In a nutshell, there is a lack of science and results within the mental health industry. Despite its lack of scientific validity, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is used heavily as a diagnostic tool, not only for individual treatment but also for child custody battles, court testimony, education, and more. While medicine’s scientific procedures are verifiable, psychiatry’s lack of any systematic approach to mental health and its continued lack of measurable results has contributed greatly to its declining reputation. Show the CCHR documentary DVDs to everyone you know.

The Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror

A new documentary just released by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), The Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror, reveals shocking new facts surrounding the hidden psychiatric influence behind the horrors Hitler and his henchmen unleashed on those they deemed “unworthy of life” during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.

The documentary is a lesson from history: the untold story of the mass murder programs before the Holocaust, and the psychiatrists who conceived, organized and ran them — down to passing judgment on who would live and who would die. Some 300,000 mentally and physically disabled people were murdered, another 6,000 died from enforced sterilization operations. And most alarmingly, these psychiatric atrocities did not stop with the end of World War II.

In fact, many of psychiatry’s same oppressive actions of the Nazi era—kidnapping, involuntary incarceration, enforced treatment and the forcible taking of children—are still occurring today and are frighteningly rampant, CCHR says, in every civilized country, including the United States.

The film includes disturbing footage of the president of the German Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN), Dr. Frank Schneider, recently confessing to his colleagues that “under National Socialism [Nazism], psychiatrists showed contempt for their fellow man. They lied to and deceived the patients in their care and their families. They forced them to be sterilized, arranged their deaths and even performed killings themselves. They were also murdering physically and mentally disabled children in over 30 psychiatric and pediatric hospitals as part of what is usually called ‘child euthanasia.'”

Meticulously researched and replete with a wealth of archival footage, The Age of Fear provides a comprehensive timeline on just how this shameful era in history came about—and how those psychiatrists most culpable were able to escape justice after the war, blend back into postwar Germany, and turn their racist ideology into the very cornerstone of what has become modern psychiatry today.

The Age of Fear is destined to outrage and appall, but above all, warn viewers that in psychiatry, history always repeats itself. (Watch an excerpt from The Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror.)

For 44 years, CCHR has independently investigated and exposed psychiatric violations of human rights. It was established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and the late Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Thomas Szasz and has helped spearhead more than 150 reforms in the mental health field.

Two Soldiers Prescribed 54 Drugs: Military Mental Health “Treatment” Becomes Frankenpharmacy

CCHR International announces the second in a four-part series by journalist Kelly Patricia O’Meara exploring the epidemic of suicides in the military and the correlation to dramatic increases in psychiatric drug prescriptions to treat the emotional scars of battle.

This second installment covers psycho-pharma’s disastrous chemical experimentation within the military ending in sudden unexplained deaths, including those of Marine corporal Andrew White and Senior Airman Anthony Mena who were prescribed a total of 54 drugs between them. In this article, O’Meara writes:

“The devastating adverse effects mind-altering psychiatric drugs may be having on the nation’s military troops are best summed up by Mary Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein, writing ‘nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.’

“Just as the fictional character, Dr. Frankenstein, turned to experiments in the laboratory to create life with fantastically horrific results, the psychiatric community, along with its pharmaceutical sidekicks, has turned to modern day chemical concoctions to alter the human mind. The result is what many believe is a growing number of equally hideous results culminating in senseless deaths, tormented lives and grief-stricken families.”

“If these soldiers are dying from these drugs and the military is refusing to cut back on the drugs, this is scandalous.”
— Fred Baughman, Jr., Neurologist

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