Missouri HB 1987 TAKE ACTION

We are delighted to report that Missouri State Representative Mike Leara (Republican, District 095 – Sunset Hills, Crestwood, Fenton and Grantwood Village in St. Louis County) introduced House Bill 1987 with the stated purpose to establish requirements for parental consent for mental health screenings in school and the use of psychotropic medications with children in […]

Hypnotics Causing Death

A recent British Medical Journal article explores the connection between hypnotic drugs and excessive death. “An estimated 6%–10% of US adults took a hypnotic drug for poor sleep in 2010. This study extends previous reports associating hypnotics with excess mortality.” This particular study was quite extensive and well-done (over 33,000 people followed for an average […]

The Mental Health in Schools Act of 2011

Our U.S. Government at Work U.S. House of Representatives bill H.R. 751, the Mental Health in Schools Act of 2011, was sponsored in Congress 2/17/2011 by Rep. Grace Napolitano (California, D-38) and acquired 52 co-sponsors. The stated purpose of this bill is “To amend the Public Health Service Act to revise and extend projects relating […]

Profiting from mental ill-health

Profiting from mental ill-health There’s a reason psychiatrists prescribe drugs rather than talking therapy: the latter makes no money for pharmaceutical firms Psychotherapist Harriet Fraad of New York City lambasts psychiatric drugs: “Do these psycho pharmaceuticals work to restore mental health? Actually, the evidence is overwhelming that they fail. Antidepressants, the most popular psycho-pharmaceuticals, work no […]

Depression drugs causing falls in elderly

Depression drugs ‘causing falls’ Elderly people with dementia are more likely to suffer falls if they are given anti-depressants The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reports that the risk of injuries from falls was tripled when elderly patients are given SSRI anti-depressants. “Even at low doses, SSRIs are associated with increased risk of an injurious […]