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Mounting evidence shows that psychiatric drugs have side effects often worse than what they are supposed to treat. Many experts have testifed against the danger of psychiatric drugs. More and more people are becoming aware that the psychiatric industry is more a fraud than a real science.

The apparent workability of some drugs comes from the fact that it seems better to have someone sit quietly in a corner after they have been pumped full of drugs rather than seeing the same person banging his head against a wall or screaming all day long. But which state is better? One of a zombie who has no will power or is unable to act anymore, or one who is still trying to get his demons out by screaming or banging his head against the wall? One is still fighting, the other has given up.

The ultimate goal is to get rid of the fraudulent science that is psychiatry, to dispense with harmful psychotropic drugs and to replace them with an alternative that is humane, that takes into consideration the well being of the person – an alternative that would try to lift the person up above their condition instead of burying them with drugs.

It is with that goal in mind that the Life Center for a New Tomorrow was created. Located in the beautiful hills of Tennessee, it provides a peaceful, restful, non-threatening environment for people mentally challenged. People with mental conditions should not be pushed around, tied down, forced to take powerful drugs that make them feel horrible. The solution is: the worse off the condition, the lighter the approach.

We have, at the Life Center, supervisors that are trained in providing a good environment for our guests. We don’t call the people coming here patients, we call them guests. People should be treated with decency, with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, in modern psychiatric institutions such is more often not the case.

In many cases, underlying a mental condition one will find a physical malfunction. For instance, if the hormone system in the body were imbalanced, it might cause mental difficulties. People can have mood swings if their hormones are not properly balanced. There are many physical conditions that could cause a mental condition. We try to help the guests find those conditions with the help of natural doctors who are there to seek the real cause of a problem instead of masking it with a pill.

The Life Center for a New Tomorrow is a new venture but as people find out about it, it has become obvious that such a facility is in high demand. We intend to grow and to open other such facilities. Anyone interested in opening such a center or contributing to the expansion of this one is appreciated. Anyone who has a family member or a friend in need of such a facility should contact us. Please see our web site at

Marc Vallieres
Life Center for a New Tomorrow
(615) 563-4292

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