Insurers May be Required to Cover Drugs and Hospitalization for “Internet Addiction”

Mental Health Parity Bill Founded on Pseudoscience Insurers May be Required to Cover Drugs and Hospitalization for “Internet Addiction” If the Mental Health Parity Bill, H.R. 1424, passes the U.S. Senate as it did on March 5 in the House of Representatives, insurers may be required to cover treatment for “Internet addiction”—the newest proposed “mental […]

Toxicology Results Show Antidepressants in Illinois School Shooter’s System

Bringing Total to 54 Dead and 105 Wounded in Recent Drug-Induced School/Teen Shootings MARCH 14:  Illinois police have confirmed that toxicology results show Illinois gunman Steven Kazmierczak had antidepressants in his system during his school shooting rampage—when he shot and killed five before committing suicide—bringing the total of recent psychiatric drug induced shootings to 54 […]

New Mini-Documentary Exposes Psychiatric Drugs Turning Kids into Killers

54 Dead and 105 Wounded in Recent Teen and School Shootings SAINT LOUIS: On February 14, Illinois gunman Steven Kazmierczak became the 12th shooter in the past decade under the influence of psychiatric drugs documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause suicide, mania, psychosis, hallucinations, hostility and in the case of one antidepressant, “homicidal […]

Criminal Culpability in Prescription Drug Deaths

Report on Psychotropic Drug Crimes Launched on Online Tracking Database  SAINT LOUIS: Two U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration investigations into doctors who prescribed cocktails of drugs, including tranquilizers and painkillers, leading to patient deaths, have prompted a new report released today online. The report, “When Prescribing Psychotropic Drugs Becomes Criminal Negligence: Cases and Convictions”, published by […]

New York Court Rules Against Coercive Drugging of Teen

Fuels Demands for Prohibiting Funds to Child Psychiatric Services and Deadly Drugs SAINT LOUIS: A New York appeals court decision last week found that psychiatrists were wrong for force-feeding potentially lethal psychiatric drugs to a 14-year-old girl against her parents’ objections. The case has fueled calls for insurance coverage and governments to cease funding child […]