Take Action – Missouri Legislature

Periodically we let you know the progress of various proposed legislation making its way through the Missouri General Assembly and suggest ways for you to contribute your viewpoint to your state Representative and state Senator. The Missouri General Assembly is the state legislature of the State of Missouri and is composed of two chambers: the […]

Holiday Stress

We see a lot of news articles cropping up warning about stress during holidays. Personally, we think a lot of it is motivated by some marketer’s bright idea, no doubt under the guidance of an “expert” psychologist or psychiatrist, about how to drum up business for the mental health industry. Of course, you know what […]

Psychs Poo-Poo Intelligence

A study published 8 October 2017 by three psychologists and a neuroscientist surveyed 3,715 members of American Mensa (persons whose IQ score is ostensibly within the upper 2% of the general population), who were asked to self-report diagnosed and/or suspected mood and anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. There was no […]

Pay to Play Psychiatry

The second-highest-paying┬ájob in the St. Louis area, with an annual mean salary of $236,630, is “psychiatrist.” The data was released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in summer 2017, and covers annual mean wages as of May 2016. It is the latest wage data available for the St. Louis metro area. Nationally, “psychiatrist” is the […]