Voodoo Science & Snake Oil

Are our children really at risk or is Patrick McGorry selling us Voodoo Science & Snake Oil? Should we trust our children’s lives to Patrick McGorry?

Do we want our children to be labelled with Psychosis Risk Syndrome? The Australian Federal Government has handed $400 million dollars to Patrick McGorry for a national program to create early psychosis prevention and intervention centers, where children as young as three years old can be diagnosed as “at risk of developing psychosis” and given harmful and addictive psychiatric drugs.

Since you already know that psychiatric drugs are harmful for adults, what do you think the effects would be on a three-year-old?

What kind of lunacy would screen toddlers for “the potential to develop mental illness later in life” and give them mind-altering drugs?

Read the full article here: http://utopia.edu.au/2011/05/voodoo-science-snake-oil/.

For more information about early intervention programs, go here: http://www.cchrint.org/tag/early-intervention/.

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