Reboot Missouri State Government

Make your ideas heard on how to make the Missouri state government more streamlined. Senate Leader Robert Mayer, on behalf of the Missouri Senate, invites Missouri residents to submit ideas on how to reboot Missouri State Government – whether it be through more control, alterations or deletions.

The webpage at is one step in the Missouri Senate’s effort to identify ways to make government smaller and more efficient. Every idea will be considered.

Just enter your ideas at Anonymous submissions will be accepted. Constituents are also invited to contact their state senators directly to submit ideas. Go here to find out who is your state senator:

A Few Suggestions

  • Mental Health Insurance Parity needs to be abolished in this state. It acts essentially as a tax give-away to the vested interests of the mental health industry.
  • Assign the Department of Health to open “Free State Health Clinics” on the grounds of our state mental hospitals using the saved tax money from the Department of Mental Health. The facilities already exist; we only need good doctors to man the examining rooms.
  • Hold open and very public investigations into the activities of the Department of Mental Health. Thousands of Missourian citizens are being harmed by the psychiatrists in state employ. Additionally hundreds are routinely kept incarcerated far past the time of simple prison sentence.
  • Severely cut the Department of Mental Health’s bloated wasteful budget. We can easily save millions of tax dollars by using no psychotropic drugs on our citizens. These are now being shown to actually cause more medical problems than they supposedly help.
  • Fold the Department of Mental Health into the Department of Health and Senior Services. The DMH cannot manage itself, witness State Auditor’s investigation and reported deaths in state-run facilities. DMH is an agency out of control.
  • Abolish the practice of Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) in this state. This barbaric pseudo-medical treatment is responsible for thousands of Missouri citizens being on the roles of Medicare and Medicaid. ECT causes permanent brain damage and the victims rely on Medicaid to survive.
  • Change the Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity rules in the states legal system. Our (NGRI) rules allow the career criminal to use the system to evade prison. They are routinely released earlier than if they were incarcerated in our prisons. Establish a firm “If you do the crime, then you do the time” policy.

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